Giant tumor in a girl’s nasal cavity, rare metastasis to the brain

The evil disease has destroyed part of the nasal bone, invaded surrounding organs, eaten into the base of the skull, threatening the patient’s life.
On September 21, information from the Central Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital said that 3-year-old Cao Cat T. (in Minh Hoa, Quang Binh) has a large tumor in the nasal cavity that invades the brain and is life-threatening. online, the family took the baby to everywhere for treatment but could not recover. The patient was then accepted by the National Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital and had surgery to remove the tumor successfully.

Exploiting the patient’s history, it was known that at the age of 2, baby T.’s family took him to the hospital for an eye examination because he had a congenital deformity of ptosis of the left eye. During the examination, doctors suddenly discovered that the baby had a tumor in the left nasal cavity. All the difficulties started from here. Her mother then had to rush around to take her for treatment everywhere, moving from one hospital to another, but the doctors all shook their heads.

6 months ago, baby T. had a nasal tumor surgery performed by a medical facility . The doctors had to consult many times and continuously re-examine the patient after surgery. After a while, the tumor recurred. The evil disease destroyed part of the nasal bone, invaded surrounding organs, and ate into the base of the skull, threatening the patient’s life.

“When the tumor recurred, my family lost appetite, lost sleep, and was extremely confused and afraid. Fortunately, the child was then transferred to the Central Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, and his medical journey was successful. There was a big turning point when the family allowed their child to be treated here” – the patient’s mother shared.

At the Central Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, after examination, doctors said that the tumor in the child’s left nasal cavity was 3x5cm in size, had invaded the eye socket, and spread to the intracranial cavity. Therefore, doctors consulted with neurologists at Bach Mai Hospital to have an optimal treatment plan for the baby.

Dr. Le Anh Tuan – Deputy Director of the Central Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, Head of the Children’s Ear, Nose and Throat Department directly treated pediatric patients. Dr. Tuan assessed that this was a rare case and a difficult surgery.

“The biggest challenge of the surgery is that the tumor has grown quite large, invading the eye socket and skull base, so separating the tumor requires high technique so as not to affect the eye and skull structures. During the surgery surgery, there are many risks such as excessive blood loss, cerebrospinal fluid leakage, meningitis. Pay attention to avoid nerve damage, upper brain damage and ensure the function and aesthetics of the baby’s face.” – Dr. Tuan said.

The patient then underwent endoscopic surgery. The surgical team worked continuously for 5 hours to remove the tumor without affecting the structure of other parts of the baby’s face. The tumor has been thoroughly treated to avoid recurrence.

Currently, the patient is stable, living normally and was discharged from the hospital to his family.

Doctor. Le Anh Tuan also recommended that early detection of tumors is extremely important. A small tumor will be easier to treat because it has not compressed other organs. In cases of late detection like baby T. a tumor in the nasal cavity can invade nearby organs such as the eyes and brain, putting the baby at risk. risk of permanent blindness or death.

Therefore, when noticing unusual signs, patients need to immediately go to a reputable, specialized medical facility to receive timely examination and treatment to avoid unfortunate complications.


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