Resolution 30 comes to life – The joy is hard to put into words

After Resolution 30/NQ-CP and Decree 07/2023/ND – CP were issued and put into life by the Government, many serious patients in Khanh Hoa burst with happiness because the hospital closed the schedule. surgery, not having to wait tiredly because of lack of medicine, lack of tools… like before.
Many patients burst with happiness
According to the leadership of Khanh Hoa General Hospital, Decree 07/2023/ND-CP and Resolution 30/NQ-CP were issued, helping to remove difficulties in medical equipment and medicines soon. In particular, the request for 3 quotations has been removed and the import license and circulation license extended.

At Khanh Hoa General Hospital, Resolution 30/NQ-CP has been put into practice very quickly. Some seriously ill patients , who previously struggled with pain and did not know when to have surgery due to problems in procurement of surgical equipment and instruments, now, after Resolution 30/NQ-CP, patients The hospital ordered drugs, equipment, tools…the patient was called to the hospital for surgery.

On the afternoon of March 13, sharing with reporters, patient Le Van Loi (Ninh Than, Ninh Hoa, Khanh Hoa) shared: Previously, I had to replace both legs, by early 2023, the left hip joint was loose and had many problems, constant pain, unable to stand, so need to replace a new joint, as soon as possible.

In mid-February 2023 I was hospitalized because the pain was too much, the doctors told me to wait until February 23 to see if I could buy equipment, and on February 24, I continued to report that I could not operate because of a lack of equipment and tools. by shopping problems. The hospital sent me home to wait, I don’t know how long to wait.

Going home, I look forward to each day until today, when I was called by the hospital to prepare for the surgery in the middle of this March because the equipment was ordered right after Decree 07/2023/ND-CP and Resolution 30 /NQ-CP issued. So my wish to solve the pain that torments me every day and be able to walk normally in just a few days will come true.”

Different from before, now, every time he lifts his left leg to the bed, patient Le Van Loi is no longer sad, but breathes a sigh of relief, always smiling. He also encouraged other patients in the same room to rest assured, drugs and chemicals will be enough, everyone will have surgery as quickly as he because of Resolution 30/NQ-CP.

Like patient Le Van Loi, on March 13, patient Vo Oi (Van Thanh, Van Ninh, Khanh Hoa) was called to hospital by Khanh Hoa General Hospital to prepare for hip necrosis surgery in the joy of joy and happiness. describe. Mr. Oi shared that in the past, the lack of tools could not be operated, but the pain became more and more intense, so eating and sleeping could not rest, and was filled with anxiety because he did not know when the hospital would have the tools to operate. Now, the hospital has bought quickly, called for surgery immediately, in the hearts of patients like us, we are extremely happy.

Hospitals and doctors are also happy because many serious patients get quick surgery
Witnessing that surgical instruments have been successfully and quickly ordered after Decree 07/2023/ND-CP and Resolution 30/NQ-CP came to life, Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Nghia (surgery specialist) , Department of Trauma – Orthopedics, Khanh Hoa General Hospital) radiantly shared: “There will be many serious patients who will receive quick surgery, which is our great happiness. As soon as Resolution 30/NQ-CP Born, the hospital has purchased quite a full range of surgical instruments for severe diseases related to bones and joints.

In the past, lacking tools and equipment, we had to schedule appointments with many seriously ill patients without knowing when we could return patients, but now we have called them back. Currently, we have called and closed the surgery schedule for 5 serious patients right this March, patients Le Van Loi and Vo Oi are the first 2 patients.

Resolution 30/NQ-CP came to life, helping our operating rooms and operating rooms to be fully equipped with tools and equipment and also ended the situation where the hospital made an appointment without knowing when (because lack of tools)”.

Bringing some serious patients who had to be sent home before because of lack of equipment, now back to the hospital, Doctor Phan Huu Chinh, Director of Khanh Hoa General Hospital also excitedly said, Resolution 30/NQ-CP really helped doctors a lot more happiness because there are no longer problems in purchasing medical equipment and supplies. Appointments, surgical schedules for patients are clearer and more accurate because when ordering tools and equipment… the suppliers also set the delivery time clearly. Resolution 30/NQ-CP has created many advantages for both doctors and patients.

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